quinta-feira, 20 de novembro de 2014

“Why do I write? I write because I have to, because it is all I know, because it is my truth, because I am compelled, because I am driven to make the world
acknowledge that women like me exist, and we possess a dangerous wisdom.”
― Pat Califia


What i'm wearing:

Suite : *COCO* Homme ShawCollarCoat and Homme TailoredPants
Shoes :  NUMA / Boss Shoes
Hair  Action Mesh Hair Sam Veganic


=EliBaily= Smith Wardrobe
oyasumi / wooden cart
oyasumi / kinky gear
[we're CLOSED] linen rug
{theosophy} Garvagh II Stool
7 - The Filmore Factory Clock
(epia) - Toys Chest
[ kunst ] - Ashtray set / Grunge wood
DIGS - Astronomer's Table Lamp

Iur Yheng

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